Innovative, transportable and expandable modular homes

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Welcome To Advanced Housing Systems

Using structurally engineered frameworks of the highest quality, we design and build innovative, sleek and sturdy modular homes that have the ability to move and expand when you do.
Whether you’re after a granny flat, family home, office, bach or farm workers cottage, we can design and build your dream dwelling in as little as 12 weeks. Read about Advanced Housing Systems here.


Your modular home is completely customisable in terms of layout, size and functionality due to its structurally engineered shell, which requires no compulsory internal walls. Our unique structural designs mean your home is transportable and expandable, too!


Our structurally engineered framework (built to maximum engineer standards) is designed to withstand extreme forces of nature in New Zealand’s strongest wind, snow and earthquake zones.

Quiet & Warm

Your family is kept warm in winter, cool in summer and well-rested all year round thanks to an extreme thermal rating. Our modular dwellings have twice the New Zealand Building Code thermal rating of the average new home.

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