Modular Home Base Models

Compact Dwelling

(50sqm +) From $140,000

This 1-2 bedroom model (without garage or basement) is the perfect add-on to your existing home as a pool room or study. Time and cost-effective to build, the Compact Dwelling is also great for orchard owners or farmers looking to accommodate their workers with a warm and secure cottage. The best part about the Compact Dwelling? This model can be transported with ease – so if you decide to up and leave your property at some point in the future, you can simply take it with you.

Second Dwelling

(60sqm – 120sqm) From $230,000

This 1-2 bedroom model can be built with or without a single (18sqm) garage. Ideal as an additional residence on your property, the Second Dwelling makes a fantastic granny flat for guests, teens or grandkids.
It’s also a compact yet comfortable bach for the beach, farm, lake, mountain or bush. With a structurally engineered framework designed for extreme wind, snow and earthquake zones, you can rest easy knowing your holiday home is safe and sound at all times – even when you’re not there to check on it.
The beauty of our Second Dwelling model is that it has the potential to be moved with you at any time.

Family Home

(156sqm +) From $390,000

The Family Home is perfect for those looking for a peaceful and spacious home with room to grow – it features 2-3 bedrooms (with at least one ensuite) as well as double garage.
With comfort, style and functionality in mind, our Family Home model is perfect for families with kids, families downsizing or couples looking to upsize. It’s also a great option for individuals wanting lots of room to live with the option of using the spare bedroom for guests, office space or storage.
Like all our models, the Family Home features an extremely high thermal rating, reducing the need for additional heating and cooling.

Extended Family Home

(228sqm +) From $555,000

The Extended Family Home is designed with ‘no compromise’ living in mind. The layout of this model is flexible, leaving you in charge of designing your dream abode.
Whether you’re after an open-plan dining and lounge area (great for entertaining), additional rooms for office space or add-ons such as a deck or garage, the Extended Family Home can be customised to suit your needs.
This model has the ability to expand alongside your family, giving you the option of adding another room if you require it at a later date. You can also select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so it’s a great option for larger families looking for spacious rooms and adequate storage.