Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How long does it take to build an Advanced Housing Systems home?

We offer an extremely fast build process (12 – 24 weeks). Times vary depending on size and location of your home, so please give us a call for a quote.

2. How much do they cost?

The cost of our dwellings is dependent on your specific requirements, model size, foundation and location, however, you can check out the starting price for our four base models here.

3. Can I customise my home?

Yes – our basic models provide a starting point but all Advanced Housing Systems dwellings are completely customisable. Tee up a meeting with one of our consultants to discuss the possibilities.

4. Can I have a two-storey home?

It’s possible for us to build two-storey homes but they require a completely new design, which may come with an additional cost.

5. Can I use my own electrician, painter or plumber?

Yes – once we have built your Advanced Housing Systems shell you have the option of using any of your own preferred suppliers. However, if you’d rather leave it to us, we offer a full team of industry experts to get the job done!

6. Can I purchase the shell only?

Yes – we are happy to complete your home to the ‘shell only’ stage if required. See our Purchase and Construction process below. There maybe a fee to coordinate & complete consent documentation for clients fit-out and location.

7. What’s included (and what’s not included) in the price?

Interior works completed to a high standard, window treatment and appliances not included.

Exterior of building totally completed, work from building edge i.e. drainage, power, decks, steps, driveways, clothes line are not included, sums can be provided.

8. Do I have to purchase the ceiling?

No – ceilings aren’t required. You can go for the ‘industrial look’ with the roof that’s already there, or you can add a ceiling later if you wish.

9. How much will it cost to transport my home?

The cost of transporting your home and placing it on its foundations will vary based on site and travel distance. Give us a call to discuss further.

10. What’s the purchase and construction process?


Either give us a call or pop into our show home to make an appointment with one of our consultants. Our highly experienced team would love to chat through your ideas and discuss your section and personal requirements.


Your consultant will provide a free no-obligation build estimate within X days. We’ll also provide a quick sketch concept plan so you can visualise your dream home and start brainstorming ideas for layout and add-ons such as garage/deck.


Once you’ve agreed on the scope and build estimate, a preliminary payment fee will be required to allow us to conduct a thorough site inspection, draft concept plans and provide a specification list (a fixed price quotation will also be provided). We’re also more than happy to action your Geotech report if you need us to.

Master Build agreement

A full Master Build agreement will be drawn up, reviewed and signed by all parties. We’re with you every step of the way and if you have any questions prior to signing, you can always give us a buzz or come and see us – we’re here to help.

Building consent

We’ll provide the plans and specifications for the building consent, then we’ll apply on your behalf. During this stage your kitchen, finishes, fittings and fixtures will also be finalised.


Now, it’s time for the fun stuff! We’ll action a standard Master Build Guarantee then construction will kick off once your building consent has been granted.

Give us a call to discuss further.

11. Are Geotech and Consent fees included?

No – we will ascertain a Geotech fee proposal for client to approval, we will submit consent documents to building authority, consent fees will need to be paid by client before construction commences.

12. Are Engineers fees included

Yes for all our module designs, any changes from our design will incur extra fees

13. Can we place a Family Home module on a basement garage

Yes our module is designed to sit on a basement structure, which may incur an additional engineers fee.